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Looking for qualified workers?

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Guaranteed trained candidates

Hire Pre-screen & Qualified Pest Control Candidates.

​Leave the training to us. You can hire pre-trained Pest Control applicators, general pest technicians, and office help from Pest Tech Training Academy.  

PEST TECH TRAINING ACADEMY is a new pest control apprenticeship program  in Sacramento County that promotes economic growth, diversity and inclusion for minorities, women, veterans and anyone affected by Covid-19 unemployment in the Sacramento Valley. Our goal is to deliver career driven job training and Apprenticeship Programs in the field of Pest Control.

​Our Vocational training program prepares individuals for employment in high demand occupations in the Pest Control Industry. Once our students complete our Pest Control Career Training program, they will be able to work as Pest Control technicians, sales office managers and other related Pest Control positions.

Our academy training focuses on OSHA regulations and other ecofriendly processes vital to this field. PEST TECH TRAINING ACADEMY provides pest control training, placement and support to students so that they can obtain and enjoy a career in pest control. 

You've got enough on your plate already and interviewing and training applicants can take weeks, months and can cost thousands. . Let's make this easy for you.

Applicant Screening Services

Save time and money by letting us screen your applicants. We will work with our partners in screening and referring only those candidates who meet the pre-qualifications (Driver's license and DMV print-out)*

*Background checks included in Apprenticeship program  only

Benefits to the Employer:

  • Better employee morale and productivity during transition

  • Confidentiality concerning your business decisions

  • Coordination with outplacement services that you may provide

  • No red tape for you to handle

  • Off-site assistance and consultation services

Benefits to the Employee:

  • Information about regional services to assist them in finding new jobs

  • Information about training opportunities

  • Services provided at no cost (books and supplies not included)

Employers: Courses & Programs
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